specialist in the transport and management of containers

Jacky PERRENOT developed container-related activities in 2014 with PERRENOT Containers, in 2016 in Fos and Rognac, and in 2019 by acquiring Lemmonier transport, which specializes in the transport and management of iso tank containers.

Perrenot containers has a large fleet of container chassis (more than 400) and is conveniently located near the ports of Fos-sur-mer, Marseille and Lyon in order to meet your needs. we are here to assist you both for the import and export of containers, pre- or post-transport.

Our container features

20' ; 40' and 45' hc containers

Refrigerated containers

Adr containers for dangerous goods

We offer secured containers with the option of remote monitoring and automatic shutdown.

our resources trailers

  • 120 in martigues
  • 110 in fos
  • 80 in rognac
  • 90 in le havre

Jacky PERRENOT will determine for you the fastest way to get your containers to your location.

This way, your entire supply chain can be handled by a single person.