Jacky PERRENOT is a pioneer in energy transportation!

We implement initiatives that allow us to be more environmentally responsible. Our fleet of trucks includes more than 500 vehicles using alternative fuels to diesel, such as natural gas and electricity. These alternatives considerably reduce our CO2 consumption and noise pollution. We also have hybrid and nitrogen-cooled vehicles.

We now have several biomethane vehicles spread over all our agencies. This type of fuel is commonly called biogas and is extracted from organic waste.

We work closely with manufacturers to develop innovative vehicles.

Did you know?
Since January 2024
saved thanks to our fleet of green vehicles

In 2020, we will introduce an electric truck in urban areas. This vehicle has a range of 150 km, with no CO2 and NOX emissions. It has a continuous braking system allowing energy recovery during braking.

We continue to improve ourselves by renewing our fleet with a pre-order of 10 Nikola "Hydrogen" tractors from one of our suppliers and we are collaborating with AIRLIQUIDE on the HYAMMED project (hydrogen in Aix-Marseille for ecological and sustainable mobility) in Fos sur Mer. Fuel cell technology is adapted to road transport with an autonomy of 600 km and a charging time of 20 minutes.